Wagner Powder Coating Spray Gun

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In order for powder coating to work effectively, the powder needs to be charged electrostatically. The charge can only be applied to powder through a spray gun, which is designed for use only with powder coating.

Compressed air moves through the spray gun, forming a tight cloud of electrostatically charged powder around the grounded part, which causes it to stick to the surface. It is crucial that you have a professional level powder coating gun for increased reliability and enhanced results.


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Product Specifications

The Wagner powder coating gun is a high quality set up which is convenient and easy to use. The added wheels on the base and the ergonomic handle makes the unit transportable and easy to tuck away when not in use. See below for the dimensions of the Wagner Powder Coating Spray Gun.


  • Height – 1,120 mm; 44.10 inch
  • Width – 595 mm; 23.43 inch
  • Depth – 740 mm; 29.13 inch
  • Weight – approx. 40 kg; 88.18 lbs
  • Maximum box size – 420x420x400 mm; 16.54×16.54×15.75 inches
  • Maximum filling weight of box -30 kg; 66.14 lbs
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Blast-Wash Suppliers Of New And Used Machinery

Product Features

The Wagner powder coating gun enables you to work directly out of a plastic tub or the box. It is great for smaller batches and creates a high quality surface finish.

The Wagner Powder Coating Gun performs great with difficult powder coatings such as acrylic powder and the lightweight gun body creates ease of use between colour changes.

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Blast-Wash Suppliers Of New And Used Machinery

Installation Requirements

The Wagner powder coating gun needs specific electrical and pneumatic requirements to run efficiently. See below the Wagner installation requirements:


  • Mains (AC) input terminal Frequency Input power – 90 VAC-250 VAC
  • Frequency – 47 Hz-63 Hz
  • Input Power – maximum 110 W
  • Mains (AC) output terminal – Vibrator motor maximum 70 W
  • Output voltage spray gun – maximum 22 Vpp
  • Output current spray gun – Max. 0.9 A
  • Corona current limitation – 5 μA-120 μA (adjustable)
  • Tribo current cut off – greater than 12 μA (ATEX: switching off of the unit)


  • Compressed air connection – G1/4″
  • Connection hose diameter – 18.5×12.5 mm
  • Pressure range input air – 0.6-0.8 MPa ; 6-8 bar; 87-116 psi
  • Air flow – maximum 15 m3/h; 529.63 cf/h
  • Sum of feed and dosing air – 2-12 m3/h; 70.6-423.7 cf/h
  • Gun air – 0.05-4.5 m3/h; 1.765-158.9 cf/h
  • WAGNER injector type – PI-F1, HiCoat ED pump F, PI-F1-S
  • Compressed air quality according to ISO 8573.1 – 6.5.2 according to ISO 8573.1, 2010
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