Front Loading Degreasing Machine

The Blast Wash Front Loading Degreaser is an automatic parts washer that delivers outstanding cleaning results through high pressure hot water and high quality detergents. The Front Loading Industrial Parts Washer comes in multiple sizes to suit your application and components.

The Blast Wash Front Loader is commonly used in manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and various other industries to effectively clean and degrease components, parts, and assemblies. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality, functionality, and safety of mechanical parts by removing contaminants such as dirt, grease, oil, dust, and metal shavings. This helps to ensure that the parts meet stringent quality standards, adhere to regulatory requirements, and perform optimally in their intended applications.


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Product Specifications

Corrosion-free stainless steel construction and heavy duty components throughout. The tanks are insulated and the machines boast a full range of features as standard, including vapour extraction and a Pneumatically operated door.

Rinsing and drying are additional features that can be specified. The multi-stage machines include a PLC control system to permit precise and accurate control of all stages/cycles.

Machine Dimensions
1750 x 1750 x 1900 mm
2000 x 2000 x 1950 mm
2250 x 2250 x 2000 mm
Basket diameter
1600 mm
Loading height
800 mm
850 mm
900 mm
Basket Capacity
750 kg
1000 kg
1500 kg
Pump Power and Piece
3 hp x 2 piece
3 hp x 2 piece
3 hp x 3 piece
30 kw
30 kw
3 X 7.5 kw
Electricity / Phase
380v / 3
380v / 3
380v / 3
0-120 °C
0-120 °C
Body Structure
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Tank Capacity
275 LTR
300 LTR
Door Opening System
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Blast-Wash Suppliers Of New And Used Machinery

Product Features

  • Docunmatic screen
  • Insulation system
  • Precision filtration
  • Drying
  • Rinsing
  • Water treatment system
  • Steam discharge
  • Low power consumption
  • Stainless steel pumps, nozzles, and heater
  • Motorised basket
  • Optional Equipment: Oil Skimmer disk; Oil water separator unit; Filtration unit; Discharge pump; loading car/bogey; wash cabin insulation.
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Blast-Wash Suppliers Of New And Used Machinery

Product Applications

  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Production residues
  • Application of anticorrosion products (inhibitors)
Enquire About This ProductCall Us: +44 (0) 1604 811505

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