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At Blast-Wash UK – a division of NCH (UK) Ltd, we are suppliers and manufacturers of new and used surface treatment equipment as well as spares, consumables, chemicals and pre-treatment chemicals to the finishing industry.

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New & Used Surface Treatment Equipment

Dry Blasting Machines

The joint action of compressed air and media in our Dry Blast machines clean parts used in a vast range of industries including automotive and aviation.

At Blast Wash we have a range of Dry Blast machines perfect for fast removal of hard to remove contaminants, delivering media from a pressurised chamber to clean by impact; giving you perfect cleaning time after time; increasing productivity.

Want to achieve a consistent, reliable, high performance clean with minimal operator input? Browse our range of new or used Dry Blast machines and get in touch with our team of experts who are on hand to offer the best machine for your operation.

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New & Used Surface Treatment Equipment

Wet Blasting Machines

Designed for cleaning, degreasing and surface preparation; our Wet Blast machines combine the use of water, media, detergent and compressed air to remove contamination with no impact to the surface of the component.

Wet Blast is the recommended solution when stubborn soils need to be removed, without altering the surface of the component, and a polished, shiny surface finish is required.

Need a machine designed for surface preparation across a wide variety of parts? Browse our range of new or used Wet Blast machines and get in touch with our team of experts who will work with you to make sure you get the Wet Blast machine that’s right for your business.

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New & Used Part Cleaning Equipment

Degreaser Machines

From spray wash machines and manual parts washers to submersion tanks; your degreasing needs are met thanks to the wide range of solutions from Blast Wash.

Our spray wash systems range from single stage, right up to multi stage for more complicated applications. The range utilises high pressure hot water and quality detergents to attain excellent cleaning results in a small form factor design.

The high pressure manual degreasing cabinet we offer is designed for cleaning small, complex components with high pressured water. Operated by footswitch, the machine provides hands free cleaning, giving the operator better control. The high flow rate pump allows outstanding performance for perfect cleaning results.

At Blast Wash we also supply a range of hot and cold manual parts washers, perfect for engine parts and industrial applications. Our manual parts washers remove carbon, oils and other contaminants easily and effectively, giving you great results each time.

Our range of submersion tanks allows components to be loaded into the basket and automatically lowered into the machine. The lid automatically closes and the cycle starts. The fast up and down motion effectively causes the water to force flush the components clean.

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New & Used Surface Treatment Equipment

Hot Stripping Systems

Pure Tank 550 and PT Strip Multi: Next Generation Safety in Paint Stripping

Discover the future of automated paint removal with NCH Pure Tank 550. Engineered for safety and efficiency, this 550L tank system, free from hazardous DCM and Hydrofluoric acid, handles up to 250kg, ensuring safe, effective cleaning of heavy and bulky parts.

How can the Pure Tank 550 and PT Strip Multi benefit your processes?

Using a combination of heat, agitation and a state-of-the-art paint stripping solution; the Pure Tank 550 stripping system removes paints, lacquers and powder coating from components in preparation to recoat.


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New & Used Powder Coating Equipment

Powder Coating Equipment

Need a long-lasting, durable surface finish? Powder coating is a dry finishing process suitable for a wide range of metal. The surface finish is more resistance to scratches, chipping and wear than liquid paints, helping to keep your operations functional and your costs down.

At Blast Wash our powder coating solutions include powder coating guns, ovens and booths; providing you with the complete equipment range required for your powder coating finishing process. From application to curing, we have your needs covered. Our spray guns coat your parts, whilst our coating booths stop powder particles covering your workspace. Once your parts are sprayed, place them in our powder coating oven to cure.

Take a look at our range of powder coating equipment and get in touch with the team to find your solution.

Powder Coating Equipment

Powder Coating

Powder Coating
Spray Guns

Powder Coating

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